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Darkthorn Security's business model is based on the simple premise that Continuous Testing reduces the organization's risk window more effectively than Single-Point-In-Time testing.

As it turns out, it's more cost-effective too! This is because, with Continuous Testing, hidden expenses like consultant Ramp-Up-Time are eliminated, freeing the consultant to focus on what's important to you - your security.

Pentesting Reimagined

  • If you have had a penetration test (by any company) in the last six months, we start with a delta engagement to understand what may have changed and how it impacts the security of your environment.

  • If you've not had a penetration test in the last six months, we will perform one to develop a baseline of your security posture.

  • We then assign dedicated resources to your organization who understand the complexities of your environment and can identify risks and help remediate them as they arise.

  • Instead of charging one lump sum for a Single-Point-In-Time penetration test, we charge a monthly fee for a block of consulting hours that's usually less yearly than a Single-Point-In-Time pentest.

  • Your penetration test report is a living document updated frequently. It can be generated any time you like for compliance and reporting purposes - no more scrambling at the end of the year for mandatory penetration testing!

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