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Stop Pen Testing Like It's Y2K!

At Darkthorn, we're revolutionizing the way organizations think about penetration testing. Hackers don't schedule annual invasions; they're attacking around the clock, every day. So, why are organizations still conducting annual or semi-annual penetration tests?

Learn how Darkthorn takes a modern approach to pen testing with our Continuous Testing | Immediate Insight service. Did you know you can get continuous penetration testing for the same cost as an annual assessment?

How to Close Your Risk Window

With over 2,000 vulnerabilities publicly disclosed monthly, organizations conducting annual or semi-annual penetration testing are left with a significant risk window.

Hackers operate dynamically, constantly probing for weaknesses, yet many companies stick to outdated annual penetration testing.

In the year 2000, only 1,438 security flaws were disclosed; by 2023, it skyrocketed to 21,085 vulnerabilities in a single year. Clearly, the pace of threats is accelerating. Traditional penetration tests quickly become obsolete as new vulnerabilities emerge, leaving your organization vulnerable. That's why Darkthorn offers Continuous Testing | Immediate Insight, revolutionizing penetration testing by evolving in real-time with the latest threats.

Don't settle for outdated security practices like annual or semi-annual penetration testing when you can have Continuous Testing for the same annual cost.

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What is Continous Testing?

Continuous Testing transcends traditional single-point-in-time penetration tests, offering an ever-vigilant evaluation against evolving threats.


We comprehensively examine your infrastructure, establishing baselines and uncovering vulnerabilities. During onboarding, we gather intelligence on your organization's technology stack to anticipate future risks.


Collaboration with your teams ensures alignment with environmental changes.


Our proactive approach includes continuous attack simulations to pinpoint vulnerabilities before they're exploited. Continuous testing is necessary in a constantly evolving security landscape, providing dynamic risk assessment around the clock.

What is Immediate Insight?

Immediate Insight offers real-time visibility into your infrastructure's security, providing instant awareness of vulnerabilities. Imagine being able to generate an up-to-date penetration test report any time you need one instead of having to schedule a pen test and wait for the results.

As new vulnerabilities are publicly disclosed, you'll know immediately whether your infrastructure is exposed because we have dedicated penetration testers who understand your IT infrastructure and can verify whether emerging threats pose a risk to your organization.

Don't settle for guesswork; stay steps ahead of threats with immediacy.

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Learn More

Continuous Testing | Immediate Insight offers a dynamic edge over traditional security assessments, ensuring perpetual readiness and adaptability. Gain real-time visibility into vulnerabilities and expert penetration testing tactics.

Surprisingly cost-effective, it's a pragmatic investment in fortifying defenses. This isn't automated vulnerability scanning but the work of skilled cybersecurity professionals.

Don't rely on antiquated measures; embrace the future with Continuous Testing | Immediate Insight to stay ahead of evolving threats.

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