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Threat Intelligence Informed Pentesting

"Conducting a penetration test without threat intelligence is like going grocery shopping and buying the first 20 items you see." -Chris Ream, CEO, Darkthorn.

Would it surprise you to learn that there is very little correlation between the types of attacks most pentesters are performing and the adversarial tactics, techniques, and common knowledge (ATT&CK) that real-world threat actors are using today? Most penetration tests focus on finding as many security bugs as possible (i.e., "low-hanging fruit") within the test window timeframe. While this approach has some merits, it often falls short of identifying an organization's real risks.

At Darkthorn, we take a different approach. Instead of taking the "shotgun" approach to finding vulnerabilities, we take time to learn what's important to your business and the VALUE of what you're trying to protect. We then identify the TYPE of attackers most likely targeting your business. The result? A penetration test, informed by threat intelligence which accurately simulates the objectives that adversaries are trying to achieve. This is called "Threat Intelligece Informed Penetration Testing."


"Conducting a penetration test without a threat intelligence model is like going grocery shopping and buying the first 20 items you see..." 

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Continuous Testing | Immediate Insight



The MITRE ATT&CK framework was created by MITRE in 2013 to document attacker tactics and techniques based on real-world observations derived from post-mortem analysis of successful attacks. The framework continues to evolve with the threat landscape and has become a trusted source of knowledge for the security industry to understand attacker models and methodologies.

At Darkthorn, we employ the MITRE ATT&CK framework to inform our testing efforts. This helps ensure that our penetration tests are highly representative of the tactics and techniques that sophisticated threat actors are using today.


Continuous Testing | Immediate Insight

TAGTEAM Threat Modeling

TAGTEAM is an acronym for "The Advanced Game Theory Evaluation and Assessment Methodology," and it's turning out to be a real game changer!

Until recently, threat modeling has been more of an art than a science. Most organizations employ a threat modeling process that generates a flat, two-dimensional map of threats and vulnerabilities with little actionable context. Most threat models fail to consider things like:

  • The value of the data passing through a security boundary.

  • The type of attacker that is most likely to target each security boundary.

  • The level of sophistication an attacker is expected to have, based on the kind of threat actor engaged in the attack.

This lack of clear definition leaves companies wondering if their threat models are as valuable and practical as presumed.

At Darkthorn, every penetration test is preceded by a TAGTEAM threat modeling exercise that identifies the value (reputational, fiscal, and organizational) of the data you're trying to protect, as well as the kind of adversary and methodology that is most likely targeting your infrastructure. This helps us to conduct penetration testing that is more like the attacks sophisticated threat actors are using against your organization.

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How to Get Started

Step 1: Schedule a free consultation

Get to know the Darkthorn team and let us get to know your unique security objectives.

Step 2: Schedule your free pentest

No matter how complex your organization is, our free penetration test will identify current vulnerabilities in your infrastructure and serve as a baseline to chart your progress toward cybersecurity attack resiliency. 

Step 3: Relax

You're in good hands. Our professional penetration testers will continuously vet the security of your infrastructure and maintain an updated report that you can download anytime you need it. We also work with your IT and Dev/Ops teams to assist with the remediation of outstanding vulnerabilities.

The Darkthorn Advantage



Confidence comes from having actionable data at your fingertips that gives you immediate insight into your security posture.


Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind comes from having an effective mitigation strategy that is vetted and verified by industry experts.



Trust comes from working with a security partner with over 25 years of hands-on experience protecting infrastructures across various industries.



Assurance comes from knowing that mitigations have been thoroughly tested and vulnerabilities have been mapped to the criticality of your infrastructure.


Continuous Testing | Immediate Insight

Confidence, Peace of Mind

Confident Businessman

Continuous Testing | Immediate Insight

Assurance, and Trust


Continuous Testing | Immediate Insight

Free Consultation

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